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Our success is based upon building & maintaining long term relationships with candidates and clients

Excel Interim is a division of Angela Mortimer Plc, a leading secretarial recruitment consultancy. We use the term ‘consultancy’ advisedly: we are not just another temporary agency concerned with shifting candidates, meeting targets, and filling quotas, with eyes fully fixed on the short term. The real difference and what sets us apart from our competitors is in the quality of service we offer.

Telephone: Tel: 0032 2641 1740     Click here to email Excel Interim.

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Fix up Dress Smart?

Does removing a jacket and tie suggest that productivity will hit a low? Will wearing sandals affect an employee’s ability to negotiate a deal?

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You v. Bot

Take a minute with me here and imagine you’re Tony Stark. Yes, the Tony Stark of Stark Industries: Chairman, Inventor Extraordinaire and Painfully Cool Superhero (it’s a nice daydream, you’re welcome). It sounds like an exhausting life, but Stark manages to handle it pretty well because Stark is very good at delegating.

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Excel Interim   Avenue Louise 279, 1050 Brussels   Tel: +32 2 646 50 50