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The blue book 2018 is here!

The blue book is your unique recruitment market tool; the world’s largest and longest running face-to-face employment survey. The 2018 edition (the 14th edition) has now been published.

The ever-evolving, global recruitment industry is developing at a rapid pace. The blue book 2018 focus on those technological changes, political issues and basic structural developments with the definition of Work that will most affect employment practices next year.

How do we adapt, change and improve given that...

...there was a continued increase in the amount of companies that experienced declined offers after the interview stage – 58% of companies, compared to 53% in 2017...

...44% do not believe that their hiring managers are capable of delivering an effective interview...

...48% of individuals reported that they did not receive a formal induction in their current/previous role. Interestingly, 78% of companies said that they did have a formal induction...

...only 4% of companies ranked flexible working as a key criteria for potential employees, compared with 48% of candidates. Also, 56% of companies reported an increase in flexible working requests...

Now in its 14th year, this survey is the most comprehensive in the industry, reporting on everything from salaries to benefits, desirable working environments, interview practices, temporary versus permanent roles – as well as comparing attitudes between employers and employees.

If you would like to take part in the blue book research, or receive a copy of the blue book 2018, please contact us at Alternatively, please contact your consultant directly.

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